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Less Intrusive than most Air Conditioning Systems

The reason why many choose ducted air conditioning, is because it is first of all less intrusive than most other air conditioning systems and it is the best system if you need heating or cooling for your whole house.

With ducted air conditioning, you are assured of climate control for your entire home. While it is easy to install a ducted air conditioning system in a newly built home, a system can also be tailored to suit your existing house.

Nowadays, governments across the world put a lot of emphasis on energy conservation. Many people are concerned that an air conditioner will use too much energy, thus enlarging their carbon footprint. The good news is that our range of ducted air conditioning systems comply with the Minimum Energy Performance Standards, as stipulated by the Australian government. So when you have one of our systems installed you can rest assured that you are not only comfortable in your temperature controlled house but that you are not impacting negatively on the environment.

When you have one of our ducted air conditioning units installed, it won’t be an eye-sore in your house. The unit is installed either in the ceiling or under the floor of the house. So the only part visible inside your house will be flexible ducting vents located in chosen areas throughout your house to ensure that air is distributed through the entire house exactly the way you want it. The condensing unit is located outside the house, so there is no chance of it leaking anywhere inside.

Ducted air conditioning systems come in various energy sizes. The smallest is a 5kW system and the largest residential system is a huge 25kW. The only detail you need to keep in mind about choosing anything larger than the 18kW system, is that it will have to run on 3-phase power. However, if you don’t already have 3-phase power in your house, we can help you upgrade your single-phase to a powerful 3-phase power system and you will never have to struggle with less than efficient electricity again.

A Few Advantages of the Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning System

Although we carry a variety of ducted air conditioning brands, we love the versatility and luxury that the new Daikin Sky Fi Controller brings to the Daikin ducted air conditioner range. This little piece of new technology makes it worth owning a Daikin air conditioner even if just for the sheer luxury and comfort the controller brings to your life. With the use of the controller, the Daikin ducted air conditioning system now has a Wi-Fi interface, allowing you to control your Daikin air conditioning system from anywhere in the world. All you need is a smartphone (both an iPhone and Android phone will do) with the free apps that are available from the app stores. Now you can ‘talk’ to your Daikin ducted air conditioner no matter where you are. How comfortable will it be to have it off during the day when there is no-one at home, only to be able to tell it to cool your house down as you are about to leave the office? Sheer air conditioning luxury!

However, this is not where the brilliance of Daikin ducted air conditioning systems stop. In fact, all Daikin’s Super Inverter ducted air conditioning systems have built-in artificial intelligence. When in Auto Mode, these systems consider all the factors that affect your comfort such as outdoor and indoor temperatures. By remembering previous settings you chose during similar conditions, it will make adjustments to its temperature settings, so you will feel comfortable all the time.

Daikin’s ducted air conditioning systems have a Zone Controller, making it possible to have it run in only certain parts of the house during certain times. This makes your air conditioner even more energy and above all cost efficient to run.

We all know how sticky it can get during the hot summer months in Sydney. People complain about having a shower and immediately feeling like they have to have another one. But the guys at Daikin came up with a new technology they call Program Dry. It reduces humidity levels in the air inside your house so that you stay comfortable, no matter how sticky it gets on the outside.

Your Daikin ducted air conditioner can also be run in silent mode. Especially at night, your neighbours will appreciate if your outdoor unit didn’t sound like a derailing train. Even without running the silent mode, all our ducted air conditioning units are exceptionally quiet and will help you keep the peace with your neighbour.

A few other highlights of the Daikin ducted air conditioning system are:

• Purtech return air grilles, which are far superior to the standard ‘egg crate’ grilles.

• Exact Air Regulators which can be set at differing degrees of open and shut, allowing the exact amount of air needed to reach you.

• Isolator Switches on outdoor units which enables you to switch off the main power to the air conditioning system without having to find the main power source in your fuse box in the case of an emergency.

• A DC fan motor which, by utilizing high power permanent magnets instead of the induced magnetism of conventional AC motors, can deliver significantly higher motor efficiency.

If you are looking for the ducted air conditioning system specialists in Sydney, give us a call. We will come to your house, have a discussion with you about your air conditioning needs and also evaluate how an air conditioner will best be fitted to suit your house as well as your lifestyle. After looking at our quote, you will see that we don’t only deliver the best specialized air conditioning services in Sydney but that we do it at the best prices around.

For the best, most professional installers of ducted air conditioning systems in Sydney, contact us today.

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