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Split System Air Conditioning Installation in Campbelltown

Airite Industries are known as the most trustworthy professionals in the air conditioning industry in Sydney. And if you need advice about split system air conditioners in Sydney, you have certainly come to the right place.

Split system air conditioning systems can be divided in two main product ranges. The one is commonly known as a split air conditioning system and the other is a multi-split air conditioning system. In order to decide which system will work best for you, we will need to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

A single split system is ideal if you need air conditioning for only one room or a specific area in your house. You can choose between discreetly wall-mounted or compact floor standing units. Each of these have their obvious advantages and your personal circumstances and requirements will determine which one will be best for you.

Multi-split system air conditioners can heat or cool down between 2 and 9 rooms, using only one outdoor unit. Nonetheless, it allows you to control the temperature in each room individually. This ensures that everybody in the house is completely comfortable, while keeping running costs low by only heating or cooling individual rooms as required.

When it comes to split air conditioning systems, you will be spoilt for choice. You can choose from cooling only to reverse cycle systems. You can even choose humidifying split air conditioning systems or systems that double as air purifiers.

Of all these systems, the most popular is probably the reverse cycle split system. This is because it both heats and cools, so you can set it to keep your rooms at a steady temperature all year round.

You also have a choice between inverter and non-inverter split air conditioning systems. In the case of the Daikin inverter air conditioner, it is more energy efficient and quieter. However, it is more powerful. This is because it works by gently decreasing and increasing the power to keep the room temperature level. This means no sudden fluctuations to reach the desired temperature.

Conventional split system air conditioners operate at a fixed speed, delivering a fixed amount of cooling and heating. If you have set it to a desired temperature, it will work on a stop/start system to reach and maintain that temperature.

A split air conditioning system has both an indoor and outdoor unit. They come in different sizes with the smallest being a 2kW system and the largest a 10kW system.

In determining which split air conditioning system would be best suited to your needs, we take a few things like the room size, windows, doors, orientation and whether it gets any sun, into account. We even look at the heat generating equipment in the room, as computers, televisions and other heat generating devices can greatly influence the temperature in a room.

The indoor unit would be located in a carefully chosen position in the room you want it in, with the outdoor unit as close as practically possible to the indoor unit. It is ideal to have both the indoor- and outdoor unit of your split air conditioning system back onto the same wall. However, if not possible, we will still ensure that it is located as discreetly as possible.

It is a well-known fact that dirt and pollen in the air can cause allergies. Medication is not always the best way of getting rid of these allergies. In this case, prevention is definitely better than cure. And there is no better way of preventing allergies like asthma and hayfever than with an air purifying system. When you choose to install a Daikin split air conditioning system, you can choose between various air purifying systems that will not only keep your house at a comfortable temperature but will also lower the levels of certain allergens in your house. This will ensure that the occurrence of allergy-related illnesses is reduced in your entire family. Daikin split air conditioning systems have a choice between different air filters. You can choose between photocatalytic deodorising filters, air purifying filters, titanium apatite photocatalytic air purifying filters and mould proof air filters.

The new Daikin Ururu Sarara split system air conditioner can humidify a room if needed. Not only does it also help keep certain allergies at bay, it is especially useful in historic homes or places where works of art are kept. In order to safeguard historic items against damage, it is important to keep humidity at a certain level. This makes this split air conditioning system perfect to act as a humidifier in historic homes.

If you need a split air conditioning system in Sydney, give us at Airite Industries a call. One of our team of trained professionals will come to your house, have a discussion with you about your air conditioning needs and also evaluate how an air conditioner will best be fitted to suit your house as well as your lifestyle. After looking at our quote, you will see that we don’t only deliver the best specialized air conditioning services in Sydney but that we do it at the best prices you will find.

For the best, most professional installers of split air conditioning systems in Sydney, contact us today.

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